Wind Farm Fryslân is being built by the contracting consortium Zuiderzeewind in the IJsselmeer at Breezanddijk. It will be the largest wind farm built within an inland water in the world. The wind farm comprises 89 turbines of 4.3 MW. With a capacity of 382.7 MW, Wind Farm Fryslân will supply enough energy for approximately 500,000 households. The wind farm will be operational in 2021.

When people think about a wind farm, they usually immediately picture the wind turbines that are necessary for generating energy. But much more is involved in the construction of Wind Farm Fryslân. We are, for example, building a transformer station at Breezanddijk, laying power cables and developing a work platform and island nature reserve near Kornwerderzand.

89 wind turbines

Wind Farm Fryslân comprises 89 wind turbines. With a capacity of 382.7 Megawatts they can supply enough energy for approximately 500,000 households.


89 wind turbines in the IJsselmeer.


Frisian wind energy for some 500,000 households.


CO2 reductions of approximately 800,000 tonnes per year.

Location and form

Wind Farm Fryslân will have a unique form. The wind turbines will be arranged in a cluster on the IJsselmeer in the form of a hexagon. This arrangement ensures that the wind turbines limit the disruption to the view as much as possible. The distance between the wind turbines is 600 metres.

Visualisatie Breezanddijk

The wind turbines of Wind Farm Fryslân

The wind turbines of Wind Farm Fryslân are 180 metres tall. By comparison: the Achmea tower in Leeuwarden is 115 metres tall. Behind the scenes we are hard at work in the factories building the wind turbines. This includes the foundations, the towers, the rotors (the rotating component) and the blades. Bijlsma Constructies based in the Frisian town of Winsum is making the so-called ‘internal platforms’.

How does a wind turbine work?

The strong winds on the IJsselmeer will cause the rotor blades of the wind turbine to turn. Behind the rotor blades is the generator. This is operated by the rotating movement of the rotor blades, which in turn generates the green energy.

The energy that is generated goes via the power cable through the foundation of the wind turbine, underneath the bottom of the IJsselmeer to the transformer station at Breezanddijk. There, the energy generated by the wind turbines is converted into electricity that is suitable for the high-voltage grid. The electricity enters the grid via two high-voltage cables.

In this way, the green energy enters your home and that of approximately 500,000 other households.

Transformer station

The transformer station is being built at Breezanddijk. In the transformer station the energy generated by the wind turbines is stored and converted into the high voltage level of the grid operator (TenneT). The transformer station will be 42 metres long, 18 metres wide and 7 metres tall.

Impressie Breezanddijk

Learning about wind energy

The building will also have an educational function. Visitors will be able to access the building through a passageway that goes straight through the transformer station. In this passageway you will be able to see the impressive transformers, thanks to the glass walls on both sides, and learn more about wind energy and sustainable electricity.

Power cables

In order to bring the generated energy from the wind turbines to the user we lay power cables. The power cables run from the wind turbines in the IJsselmeer to the transformer station in Breezanddijk. From the transformer station, the power goes via cables to the high-voltage grid of TenneT at Bolsward.

The cables lie 2 metres underneath the bottom of the IJsselmeer, underneath the cycle path of the Afsluitdijk and in the verge of the A7.

Work platform and nature reserve

Before construction work for Wind Farm Fryslân starts on the water, contracting consortium Zuiderzeewind builds a large artificial island at Kornwerderzand. The island is located near the future fish migration river. Approximately 2 hectares of the island lies above water. An adjacent shallow water zone of around 25 hectares will also be created. The area will be protected against waves and currents by a breakwater measuring 800 metres in length. During the construction of the wind farm the island can be temporarily used as a work platform. The moment the first rotor with blades is placed on the wind turbines, the island will be converted to a nature reserve. It may then no longer be used as a work platform. The island nature reserve will then be an attractive foraging and resting area for birds. It will also include an artificial reef for fish.

Did you know…

the distance between each wind turbine is at least 600 metres?

Once the wind farm has been completed, you will be able to sail between the wind turbines. Wind Farm Fryslân will be a safe sailing area. All turbines will be fitted with nautical safety signs. Another safety measure is that the wind turbines will also be indicated on nautical charts. A compulsory safety distance of 50 metres from each wind turbine will soon apply within Wind Farm Fryslân. In view of the minimum of 600 metres distance between the wind turbines, this distance will be easy to maintain.

Bekijk het windpark

Afstand tot windpark: circa 3,1 kilometer
Visualisatie Breezanddijk Bekijk in panorama
Afstand tot windpark: circa 7,9 kilometer
Visualisatie Hindeloopen Bekijk in panorama
Afstand tot windpark: circa 5,7 kilometer
Visualisatie Kornwerderzand Bekijk in panorama
Afstand tot windpark: circa 6,3 kilometer
Visualisatie Makkum Bekijk in panorama